Reading the news often makes me frustrated and angry, and I really can't do anything about what the news is reporting on. Considering giving it up entirely and purposefully avoiding the news.
I can relate to that. In addition to being nearly exclusively negative, most news is garbage-quality and only cares about emotionalising and getting clicks. Here in Germany even the big newspapers with loads of history, prestige and influence have degenerated to a quality level which 20 years ago would have been associated with the tabloid press. Maybe I can muster the courage to purposefully avoid all news in the future...
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The internet gave news organizations such massive and tough competition that it forced them to have less professional staff, because that can't pay as much, and more sensationalism, to compete on the new huge field. That's my theory anyway, I should check journalist compensation over time.
My thoughts exactly. In addition to that I feel there is a very loud minority on the internet with rather extremist views which many news outlets try to cater to.
I believe money and political agendas had infiltrated the media. They do not stand as independent news sources anymore, they are not allowed to cover _ANY_ topic. Therefore, I consider them as propaganda machinery.
Same here in Belgium, but I think that is the case in all European countries. More or less...
There is an interesting project ( which tries to uphold some of the old ideals of journalism. Sadly it's very US centric. It would be nice if there was an european alternative to that.