🙄 Doug Belshaw So this kind of pisses me off: dajbelshaw.withkno.... I know why BT do it (pressure from UK government) and I know why parents lap it up (lack of knowledge and doing something seems better than doing nothing) but encouraging people to install filtering to solve social issues seems misguided.
Mark Dain It pisses me off too which is why I switched my ISP to A&A. This isn't an ad -- I just strongly value what they do. Nothing is censored, not even The Pirate Bay. Censoring doesn't work because as they say on the internet, you can't solve a social problem with technology.
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Mark Dain Andrews and Arnold, Ltd. Not exactly the catchiest title but they're basically an ISP run by nerds for nerds. You can talk to staff members on IRC and all emails are PGP signed. Stuff like that. Anyway if you can pay PS40/m for internet, check them out; aa.net.uk
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🙄 Doug Belshaw Thanks! I like the sound of the taste of uncensored Internet, but switching might have to be after Christmas now. Route lots of stuff through yearly iPREDator VPN subscription right now. :-)
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