🙄 Doug Belshaw So this presentation I put together for tomorrow looks pretty good on desktop browsers but seems to crash mobile browsers: dajbelshaw.makes.o...
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Bas Poppink A coworker of mine always presented in a browser. He claimed it was easier for him to build compared to Powerpoint, while having zero compatibility problems.
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Eric I'll be frank, I've never had the patience to click through presentations online. The links get my click but I'll just bounce away. Why not put the presentation in standard format? I'll read a ReadMe but won't watch click thru a presentation. I can't be alone in this. Sorry for the negative feedback :)
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🙄 Doug Belshaw No problem! Won't be for everyone and this was just the slides - not the whole presentation. That requires me in front of you, talking fast and gesticulating. ;-)
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