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Is there is such thing as national US news site that is not politically biased?
Nope, though I read Financial Times which isn't too egregious, at most pro free market / globalized economy.
How and why?
how is this a hard thing to conceptualize lol, we're social creatures that find community through shared experiences
hi everyone
Why not all at once?
Hello father.
what's a quote you discovered 5+ years ago that you still go back to
"from your lips to god's ears" - my old boss when i asked for a raise
Hey it's me Jesus, welcome welcome everyone.
nm, sup with you?
nm, just passin time. might muster some strength to grab a snack you?
Last day on earth. What would you do?
make coffee, smoke a j, eat ice cream, be w my partner. in rotation
getting married (officially registered) today