🙄 Doug Belshaw "At some point it will be better to be awesome than to be rich." techcrunch.com/201... This article contains some great ideas and links. :-)
🉑 Vincent Leeuw In the end everything humans do comes down to being accepted by their own kin. To be a part of it. Having wealth is having potential, but it's untapped. I kind of hope that moving forward, not tapping that/your/any potential is going to be the real crime, rather than amassing it in some weird way.
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🙄 Doug Belshaw So I agree that there's different forms of currency that aren't just financial. Not sure that's all to do with 'kinship' though.
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw Ah, sorry. Meant that as 'the people in one's direct vicinity'. Kin was the wrong word for it.
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