Cyberdog Chrome's UX is so bad, and of course its Google ownership is suspect. Why the hell is it so popular? Ugh.
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Adam Douglas On desktop, I think Chrome offers the best UX. On mobile, however, I think there are some serious mistakes. Safari does have the best flow in this regard. Swiping left and right to go backwards/forwards through browser history is so good that on Chrome OS this is actually implemented (two finger gesture on the mouse). No swipe-history + that awful idea of pulling-down-to-refresh (sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes it works when you just wanted to scroll...) make mobile Chrome a bit of a pain. Sure, it's calibration, but I shouldn't have to calibrate myself to use that, it should be a button. I like mobile Chrome's approach to tabs
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Mark Dain Chrome has a very simple, clean UI, what don't you like about it?
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Cyberdog The thing that set me off this particular time is that the back and forward buttons were not working as expected, even on a site which wasn't doing any dumb AJAX tricks that might normally cause that to happen. Chrome was failing to maintain a proper history stream at the level that NCSA Mosaic had nailed a quarter century ago or so.
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