🦄 Chip Uni What (if anything) do you listen to while you're programming, or doing work that requires a lot of concentration?
🧨 Stephen Coley Anything from metalcore to hiphop to soundtracks to dreampunk. Sometimes I'll put on one of my favorite horror movies.
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⚫ Aaron what kind of metalcore have you been bumping lately?
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🧨 Stephen Coley The newest would be the latest Code Orange album. Some others I rotate often though are Converge, The Bled, Fear Before, Cult Leader, Oathbreaker, Leeched, etc...
2y, 29w 2 replies
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⚫ Aaron I was recently turned onto Code Orange. So good. Converge and The Bled are staples. Haven't heard of Leeched. Going to check that out right now.
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🧨 Stephen Coley Code Orange's new album is nuts. Love it. Been a long time Converge and The Bled fan. The Bled was my first hardcore show along with Senses Fail and My Chemical Romance for like $12. I miss those days.
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