Ciro Santilli is an interesting corner case in the pantheon of high-conscientious, mostly online(?) individuals. Other notable figures here being Alexey Guzey, Gwern, etc.
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It would be neat to find a site with a listing of notable bloggers in niche domains.
Google is good for this! My go-to example is the set of inbound links (think Project Xanadu) to Simon DeDeo's Santa Fe page: ''. This works because interesting people cite interesting people, so it's pretty easy to continuously expand outwards from a single node.
So, are the rumours are true... there is an "offline world"? I thought it had been a myth all along. Seriously though, I didn't know about Guzey and Gwern. I'm actually gonna say hi to Guzey. Keep dropping names if you have other similar ones.
Hi Ciro! Figured one of you would find this :). More than just emailing these sort of folks, I think you'd probably get a lot out of visiting SF. To that end, you might reach out to Harshita Arora and ask about dinner at Topos House. As for other individuals, you could reach out to folks like artirkel or atroyn on Twitter. Also, feel free to text or email me anytime: (707) 303-0871, and,