Cole Hudson Yes, Starlink is still underrated as a technology on its own terms. But its even more underrated as a Gurridic tool for social change (see When internet access is decentralized, authoritarian tools for controlling information (e.g. the great fire wall) no longer work.
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☕ David Antoine Don't know if it can be fully decentralized, Starlink still needs access to ground relays and governments approval. But I'm not a specialist anyway... Also, dozens of thousands of satellites are gonna be a disaster for ground astronomy. What's next? Giant orbital billboards for ads? Makes me depressed to think about it... I'm all for it but they need to limit the max amount of operational satellites, because big corporations will not care.
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Cole Hudson Re: decentralization, while I agree, my implicit assumption is that a phreaker-like culture will emerge around satellite transceivers in the same way it did around phone infrastructure. To see this in it's fledgling state, look no further than defcon's aerospace village this year: Re: astronomy, artifact-removal is old-hat in computational photography, with the exception of amateurs, I suspect everything will be hunky-dory.
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