Cole Hudson Watching the Challenger series on Netflix while I work out. In the second episode they mention that 11,000 school teachers applied to fly on the space shuttle. This makes me think I've probably underrated how much latent interest there is, by the average individual, in being on the frontier, even despite substantial risk. Moreover, how much people desire to undertake 'quests' of a sort. Under the right circumstances, genuine colonization of mars seems more probable to me now
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😃 Javier Sitting on top of a booster rocket is sitting on top of a bomb. The Space Shuttle program in my view helped to push the pause button on NASA manned missions. Let the rovers do the risky stuff. Lets ground our ego's.
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Cole Hudson I don't really think of it as ego-based, though I understand that viewpoint. Though, you bring up an interesting point vis-a-vis what grounding is there, if any, for having manned missions. Pragmatically, humans can do vastly more complex work than robots can, which doubles as an economic argument. Individually, people do want to go, such as myself. More broadly, humans seem more optimistic about the future when we try to do hard things, of which space-travel is one.
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