Cole Hudson It'd be nice if there was a way to leave a voicemail on another persons phone w/o ringing their phone. There's a level of interaction between sending an email, which is insufficiently personal, and calling someone, which is far too obtrusive, which I think would be great for modes of communication where voice is crucial. The broader category might be email for voice? Or asynchronous voice chat?
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👉 LÊo This is actually very common in Brazil, where everyone uses WhatsApp (a Facebook app). You record your voice message on your end and it appears as a playable audio clip for whoever you sent it to. I'm not a fan, but it is the favorite mode of communication of a lot of people, including my extended family.
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Cole Hudson Interesting to hear it's prevalence, especially given that the experience is fairly lackluster. The original post was prompted by my desire to be able to contact customers without interrupting them, while still conveying a level of concern that isn't present in a text or email. Maybe something like 'intercom for voice', where they can drop in on me whenever they'd like, but they can hear my messages at their discretion.
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👨đŸģ‍đŸ’ģ Moroni It's so common that Twitter is beta testing voice tweets in Brazil:
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🗨ī¸ Fui At least on telegram, you can send voice messages without sound notifications. Not the same thing, but close enough.
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Cole Hudson It's certainly close, iMessage executes on this well too, but somehow having to press a button is to much friction. Discord's audio feature is actually fairly close to what I'm thinking of. That with the ability to save context between individual conversations
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