🧿 Andrea What is your best kept secret life hack? Mine: if you're feeling sick (high fever, food poisoning, etc) and don't drink coke regularly, a half litter of frizzy full sugar coke and a pan fried piece of bread (naan works well) will do you miracles
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Chetan Vashisht Spend 5 mins a day planning your current day and review yesterday's work. This 5 mins of planning helps create amazing days and budgets mindless scrolling. It helps you progress professionally and personally.
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🧿 Andrea +1! We use a standup bot at work and the main boost I've found is that it forces me to think about what I need to do and prioritize before jumping right in; I find this works even better when I journal what I'm doing through the day, but I struggle with that a lot - I forget, I jump around to urgent things, etc
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