Zero Edge Most content consumption leads to anger, hate, and mental pain. Not consuming content leads to mellowness and peace but an uninformed stance. I used to think the world was "nice" and most people were "good" but it seems harder and harder to find those things I used to think. Is the internet just very good at highlighting the "edge cases". Does the internet accurately represent the world and its opinion as a whole or is it just edge case after edge case.
🎯 Gallium Oxide Don't be a doomer, dude. It's cringe af. There are plenty of good people in the world and most content on the internet is actually great. Highly organized political action groups and state actors are able to amplify propaganda using bots but that's easy to filter out. Just curate your feed.
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Charlie Coppinger Kinda feels like this kinda rehetoric is a part of the problem; ergo, you've proven their point.
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