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Snow News Update: We're delaying Windows Snow 10 until bugs and privacy issues are resolved. We'll keep you posted.
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Snow Update: Score App - Live Scores for All Football Leagues - Instant Replay - Watch the goal instantly from anywhere - Full Match Highlights - Spoiler Block (Block alters from specific games)
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Snow Update: BPG Support: - Snowphone Camera App - Snowphone Gallery App - Sputnik - Final Touch - Arabasque
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Snow is ready for Windows 10. Expect an update on day 1.
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Snow Games Reign - Caucasian Wars Expansion Pack - New Empires: Arabs, Turks, Russians, Georgians, Persians, Armenians. - New Maps - New Units - New Weapons - New Buildings - New Heroes - New Game Modes: Unite the clans (force enemies to surrender and join your forces, cannot exterminate them)
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Snow Games First Drive - Update 15.06.1 - 5 New Tracks - 10 New Cars - Ghost Car Mode - Arcade Support - Lower First Touch latency - Bug fixes
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Snow 15.06.1 rolling out tonight. Updates: - Improved hardware decoding for RAW video - Improvements on First Touch digitizer. Lower latency and better depth precision on multi-touch input. - Camera improvements, RAW video (beta), bug fixes. - Other bug fixes.
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Doom Sublevel works perfectly with the Sputnik light browser.
🏒 Lucian Marin What browser is that?
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