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Pain started in 1993. youtube.com/watch?...
Sommersville Records 1 Year Anniversary open.spotify.com/a...
Nick Do you know that invisible bridge in raiders?
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🤔 Serina Hu Anyone getting any music from Comiket 100? I recently had the urge to online order advantage.diverse.jp but I think I should lay off buying physical CDs for now...
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Simon Janes Animals as Leaders. Perhaps a form of metal you've never experienced. Oddly motivating stuff. animalsasleaders.org Good news for you Subleviathans, they're touring Europe this year.
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Nkrs Had the same thoughts when a friend showed me CAFO in 2009. Their stuff goes really well with Scale the Summit and Pomegranate Tiger.
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🏀 Air Bud Alright , time for some building. What are you listening to?
Bruce Webster Listening to Zoe Keating. An amazingly cool solo cellist who uses realtime looping to create some very intense music.
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