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Mark Dain Back from the ranch! Currently enjoying IHOP after a nice week of fishing, hiking, riding a beautiful horse called Sherriff and roasting marshmallows. Far more details on Facebook but it was such a great experience! If I can I'll copy it to the travel blog and will make a collage of the best photos from last week so I can post it here
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John Olinda Oh man, do I miss IHOP *weeps*.
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Mark Dain Rangers v Blue Jays markdain.net/texas... Sorry this is something like 8 hours late, I'm finding it hard to post to multiple places at once and right now Facebook has priority as most people I know are looking there for updates
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😀 Tom What's the Facebook link?
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Martijn A real Stetson Stetson or an off brand?
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😀 Tom Awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying Texas! To be fair though, I think Dallas is a lot nicer than Houston. There are a lot of small cities/towns in Texas that are very nice too. Most notably Fredricksburg and Brenham. It's been over a decade since I've last seen San Antonio, but I think you'll enjoy there as well. Also, I think AT&T has one of the best networks here, so I'm sorry you're having a bad experience with that (maybe it's the roaming). Though our cellular network isn't the best in the world since our country is so large and spread out compared to European countries.
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Mark Dain The network in Spain seems to be too bad to post right now. I'm in Madrid and just boarded my flight. 11-12 hours and I'll be on the journey of a lifetime!
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Martijn Subscribed to the RSS!
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