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Mark Dain Word on the street is my company might be adopting sometime this decade! The JIRA ticket I've had open since May(!!) has just been assigned back to me with the name and number for a technician at our ISP for me to "discuss implementing" it with him tomorrow.
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Mark Dain BT is finally running a trial of -- Adopting a technology long after everyone else, as always. bbc.co.uk/news/tec...
Martijn I am using one of the biggest TelCo providers in Sweden, Telia, and I think they are only advertising IPv6 to business clients. Private connections, apparently, can be upgraded to IPv6 only by logging in to the modem they provided, buried in the settings, with an undocumented checkbox. And even then, according to some posts I have read, the modem might be configured wrong leading to downtimes. I have seen very few IPS actually actively rollout IPv6 anywhere in the world
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Mark Dain How can we incentivize adoption? I mean this for home users, businesses, website owners and ISPs.
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Mark Dain Looks like I'll be getting Andrews & Arnold on the 15th. I can't wait!
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