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🎲 Jamie Hashtags would be nice, but it as above says, the search is not quite there yet.
🌮 Hejo Iirc you already can use hashtags
🔚 Bort Simpson searching by a doesn't work, it returns any match of the string sans hashtag
🌊 Zero Two I have yet to see any use of
🌘 Alana wtf theres hashtags
🌚 Cosmo there's hashtags
👁️ Mbladra What if I did ##
☝️ Jean-David Moisan They don't seem to work that well. For example, 's matches everything with a 't', 'i', 'l' sequence in it.
4y, 1d reply
Rsm Did I read somewhere that you get one hashtag per post or subreplete?
📉 Bill It appears to be one per post/reply
4y, 1d reply
Hashtag hello, i'm the hashtag.