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👽 Massimo sublevel is about love and caring and technology
🏀 Air Bud Alright , time for some building. What are you listening to?
Mark Myerson Breakbot today, Shook's new single when it's released tomorrow.
Indigodaddy Discovered Asaf Avidan the other day.. really great stuff...
Ryan Twenty One Pilots, General Ghost, The American Dollar, and shuffled playlists on Spotify.
Daviday Techno/house/bass/new music soundcloud.com/mmm...
Dave Walk The new Murder City Devils album, it's awesome. Also new albums from Joyce Manor and Fucked Up.
Martijn I'm revisiting Herman's Hermits this week. But whenever I am winding down before bed, like right now, I turn to the BBC's live recording of Tubular Bells: youtube.com/watch?...
Bruce Webster Listening to Zoe Keating. An amazingly cool solo cellist who uses realtime looping to create some very intense music.
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