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Yo Dude First week impressions : still not entirely convinced by its "left pane".. like the reply structure and finding people is always difficult .. I don't understand the trending page , same for left side navigation buttons on mobile
Peter Clarkson Exactly my impression too. 12 buttons is a bit much for me (although a few of them, to be fair, are highly intuitive like search or settings). I still don't quite understand how I can find things that I am interested in, or whether there is any way to group conversations into a particular "topic" (maybe hashtags like will take off) - it feels like a free-for-all.
3y, 51w reply
Peter Clarkson Has anyone been playing any decent recently? I have just introduced my 6-year-old to No Stress Chess and my 4-year-old to Kingdomino.
🌊 Zero Two I been having fun with go
Chetan Vashisht Domination is great, but not for kids
Cole Hudson Settlers of Catan is loads of fun
😏 Yt L. You could try "sushi go" it's a card game with cute pictures and even if you play without lots of strategy or care you can pretty much play and be a part of the game.
☔ Johannes The latest game I bought was Odin's Ravens. It's pretty fun, and quick to play to boot.
🎲 James York For me, Oink Games' Deep Sea Adventure is a go to.
🗿 Ali Atomic chess.
💻 Kernel Been playing a lot of Carcassonne lately, simple rules, advanced tactics.
4y, 1d reply