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Blauesee Reinstalling soon... What are your prefered setups (WM, partitioning, configs, packages) and why?
🏒 Lucian Marin is an Arch Linux fan. I think he's the one who can answer you.
John Olinda To be honest, I just have settled on Manjaro for Arch installs. Since I don't use Arch on servers, I'll always end up installing certain applications and environments, and it just saves time to use Manjaro. Right now I'm using a pretty vanilla install of Manjaro XFCE to document the install process for Resilio Sync. Most of the documentation for it is very outdated and I'd like to contribute more accurate information. Of course, right around the time I finish, Syncthing will actually start being worth using 😂
Haaktu When I was young and full of hope, I'd tweak the twerk out of my tools and configs. Now that I am old and full of $#!7, I go with the defaults. Less problems that way. And if ever there are, easy to find a solution.
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