🚌 Carl My account's still here, the grass is green, Elon bought twitter. Now I don't know what to feel about the last one but I just wish everything's for the better there. He should've realized that troll farms can easily purchase his new $8 Twitter Blue idea to make their replies more impactful lol
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♟️ Inverse Replica I don't have much of an opinion on the whole Twitter issue as I personally only use it as some kind of elaborate news feed and the bubble I ended up in is very niche and not really political.
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🦿 Lucian Marin Elon will lose all his wealth on Twitter. He is playing angry birds with his users.
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🤓 Simon Hamp Agreed. I can see him sinking all his money into fines and costs. He will become a "what not to do" case study in business schools
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