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I watched the documentary "13th" four days ago and I'm still processing it. Mass incarceration is not good for society and it is not a deterrent; so it really is just a business opportunity for corporations. Dreadful.
Of all the things to make a business out of, prisons are the worst (as well as health care)
The British Prime Minister has announced that the second wave of COVID-19 is coming. I had hoped we had more time before it came back. Further restrictions, including local lockdowns are inevitable.
Are cases sharply rising again?
Hi everybody!! ^_^
alltop.com was an interesting site that gathered a bunch of them. It seems they are still updating this.
Am saving this post. Thanks for sharing!
All being well, I have two weeks off at the end of October. I am hoping that there won't be another lockdown at that time...
Let's hope! *Fingers crossed*
very relatable. I've resorted to just keeping an ideas notebook with me and trying to theory craft as much as I can in the spare moments of the day. It's gone from actual project work to a form of escapism, then after bouncing between a few pages for a while there's usually something laid out clearly enough that I can daydream about the other parts. I have so many projects on the back burner just waiting for an extended motivation push.
Interesting...I wonder how I could incorporate something like this into my life...
I so feel you. And even if I find the energy and time to do something on a weekday, it would be so late that I should stop after an hour again because I need to get up the next day.
Exactly...you understand
Hello and welcome to this beautiful new week, full of chances and possibilities! How do you all feel on this Monday?
I feel rested but my 4-day weekend is coming to a close all too soon
Trapped my hand in the door on Saturday and today I decided I wanted full range of motion more than I wanted to avoid pain. So for the entire day I've just been flexing my hand every which way to give everything a good stretch. Might be a terrible idea in the scheme of things but I can already pick up stuff and press enter with my pinky again (I thought i broke the pinky knuckle), so I'm calling this one a win
Ow! Glad you weren't hurt too badly and may you have a full recovery soon
I hope State-side friend enjoyed the long weekend. No more holidays until Christmas for us this side of the pond...
Thank you! I hope you are able to take time off work before Christmas!
A new (but same old) place of employment bbc.com/news/uk-po...
This explains some of your work-related posts from the last 1-2 months. Wishing you luck
And to you as well :)
I hope you had a fairly good month!
Wassup? Long time no visit here. This past week was not productive. Patience!
Welcome back! Patience as well as taking it easy on oneself at least once in a while
My return-to-office date has been pushed to Jan 2021 at the earliest. Which I'm quite happy with...working from home is quite liberating and work/life balance has never been better... I sort of miss wearing a shirt though!
I am also in no rush to head back to the office full time. I love having lunch breaks at home!
I enjoyed this article if you're looking for one: thediplomat.com/20...
Interesting...thanks for sharing!
Curious why so few are talking about Shinzo Abe leaving office rn, his absence will make for a vastly different world
Wow, I didn't even know this has happened! Will have to read more about it