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It's Friday at last. Long week with lots of stresses!
I hope you have been enjoying your weekend so far
At drive-in cinema without a car.
Interesting...! Where do you sit at a drive in when you have no car?
Enjoy it! Sounds like you deserved it.
Thank you! Yeah...things have been pretty crazy and will continue to be just a little bit longer
Happy 4th of July!
Thank you...about to celebrate with some apple pie!
It's FINALLY Friday! I'm so happy about it, but I am also EXHAUSTED...
Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate!
Thank you...about to have some apple pie!
There are two actually: r/longevity and r/minimalism.
I subscribe to r/minimalism too!
There's no atmosphere when football is played in stadia without fans. It seems to have a big impact on the players
They should try to fill the seats with stuffed (plush) animals the way they did for baseball games in Korea
What other online communities are you a part of? What's your favorite thing about that community?
and I use the Peach app/social platform. The developers pretty much abandoned it a year after it was released but a small community has remained strong for over 4 years! I love how laid back it is...kind of like Subreply!
I had a day off today, much needed for my wellbeing. Back at the virtual salt mines tomorrow, Inshallah
I hope it was an enjoyable, restful day!
Back at work and it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, as the Head of Unit is now back at the helm.
Bought (closed on) a house today. The sellers have a couple of extra days to move out. It was very anticlimactic.
Congratulations! Once you start moving in is when things will get exciting
Woohoo! I'll bet your weekend just got that much better. :)
Hopefully your weekend will start soon!
It has indeed started! Time to relax!