I've been feeling frustrated not being able to "like" people's comments on here but I'm beginning to realize that lack of "likes" could be a good thing because it forces you to come up with a better thought out response
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I sort of like "like" as an important statistic that support the conversation, but hate it when I saw how many "like" the post get before reading the actual content. Maybe hidden "like" would be a feature worth experiment on?
Or I can just comment "like"
You cannot use the same reply twice on Subreply...but perhaps you could find different and creative ways to write "like"
I think you're right there, it's all too easy to hit the heart button
I like the lack of "likes" - it encourages engagement, doesn't it?
As a lurker and not much of a poster I'd appreciate some sort of like system. But not fussed if there isn't