Would it be considered gauche to use hashtags on here? Are they even supported?
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They are supported because people expect them to be supported. They are useful in some cases.
Theyre supported but no one uses them. I don't ever see the point. Infact the word Hashtag grinds my gears.
When used properly, hashtags can be awesome but they are often abused, so I understand your (and other's) dislike of them.
They're very _Diaspora_. Which is fine by me. I can see its use, but it's not very lean. It makes every posting look like a tag cloud. I like the simplicity of Sublevel. It's minimalistic.
Yeah I wonder if anyone really uses the search on here. That's the only use for hashtags I can think of.
I'm pretty sure are supported.
Thanks! Now I see that this has been discussed before and that there is some ambivalence towards using it on Sublevel.