Rsm Is there an option here to delete an account?
👉 Léo What happened?
1y, 48w 6 replies
Rsm Nothing. That's the problem. haha
1y, 48w 5 replies
👉 Léo Hahaha paradao aqui hein?
1y, 48w 4 replies
Rsm Verdade, e isso nao seria problema, mas a maior parte da conversa e tecnica.
1y, 48w 3 replies
Burensasub I absolutely agree. So frustrating sometimes. Keeps me from posting more often
1y, 47w 2 replies
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Rsm And that's OK of course, but hard to jump in on the conversation right?
1y, 47w 1 reply
Burensasub Exactly!
1y, 46w reply