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I love that movie too!
I'm always a bit hesitant to watch movies with 2 (or sometimes even 1) big names in it, and especially when they've made so many different imprpessions in many different characters. But Christian Bale really knows how to get into a role... I'm finding myself thinking the same of Daniel Radcliffe too after being floored by 'Escape From Pretoria' and his performance in that.
I had an amazing hike this afternoon. Reminder to self: get out of the damn house more often and live!
There's a youtube channel called "Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't" and it's so relaxing and interesting to watch. The dude running it knows his stuff and is a bit of a character, but hot damn does it get me excited for going outdoors and actually enjoying nature instead of enjoying just not being cooped up. He loves plants and wants you to love them too.
How you distinguish the two? The first could be a contariam. The second someone who believes in building bridges.
Just listen for when they show and tell you who they are. There's always going to be false positives for either camp. You never know someones history and they could act 'dishonest' to avoid being outcasted again, or like you said, they could be contrarian/have a rude idea of honesty (the i speak my mind type). Anecdotally, I dont think people flipflop between the two very often so when you see someone show their colours then you had better be paying attention.
alltop.com was an interesting site that gathered a bunch of them. It seems they are still updating this.
This is perfect, thanks a tonne!
What is the best time of day? For me it is 11pm-3am. There' s something special about those hours.
Although I've not been there recently, 3am. Me and my friends had this theory that the next day started at 3am. Does it really feel like the start of a new day at midnight? So now when I catch myself staying up that late, I just get fond memories of all those '3am conversations' and theories
In love with this Dan. What game is this for?
Not entirely sure if it's a game or just a creative writing project as the writing is all over the place but its a somewhat fantasy world centred around a smuggler turned unwitting accomplice in a regicide. There's a dozen versions of the story because each time I get close to the details, i get choice paralysis on what to highlight or leave behind. It's a pretty broad world though since I've been using it instead of counting sheep haha.
haha cheese is life, like we say in France. ;) What's your favorite?
I've just been making the grand tour of cheeses and so far they're all pretty solid. Applewood seems to always be in my fridge along with the cheddars, edam, and the like. But I discovered I have a weak spot for this caramelised onion & rioja cheddar I found online a while back so that'll be my pick for now
Wow. Never heard of Tildes, but it looks awesome. It seems to be invite-only, however. Looking forward to potentially joining.
There's an invite thread stickied on r/tildes or invites@tildes.net which are checked fairly regularly. It was also in this moment that I realised this platform has no direct messaging as I was going to drop one in your inbox.
I realize it's been a few days since I last came here. Hope everyone is doing great. :)
Pretty good despite the amount of cheese I've been heaping onto my food this week. I should be banned from buying more but instead I just went shopping and found a bunch of applewood, brie, and spicy stuff on clearance..
Super into this. I had the idea of an "aural culture" pop into my head for a campaign I cam creating and that phrase stuck with me. What would it mean for a culture to be known for its listening skills?
That's a good question. This idea formed when thinking about communities living around a regular Krakatoa event but much milder. The sign language being baked into the language would be a way to hedge your bets. So in my world "aural culture" would be kids enjoying the little things like the birds, rain, wind rustling leaves. The hearing loss event would be like a coming of age thing, with those living farther away seen as weak for not 'sacrificing' hearing for fertile land.
anyone use mastodon or pleroma or a fediverse equivalent? the more i use Subreply, the more I realize I like Subreply better. probably because the community is so tiny and the posts aren't as low effort as the ones twitter/mastodon seems to encourage.
This is why I've come to love Tildes as a reddit alternative. Everyone seems to self regulate post quality as a matter of respect. There's a distinct focus on making sure that when you post, it adds to the discussion or at least attempts to. They can be a bit intimidating to join in with at times, but also exceedingly casual due to the lack of vitriol. If someone questioned something I said on reddit/twitter, I'd get defensive and worry about responding in the first place.
Sorry, I just need to vent: What's frustrating is that I finally get motivation and energy to work on personal projects on my last day off before heading back to work. Once the work week begins I'll have absolutely no energy to do anything outside of work and daily chores. And it'll be weeks or months before I have the same motivation again.Sometimes two days off is not enough.
very relatable. I've resorted to just keeping an ideas notebook with me and trying to theory craft as much as I can in the spare moments of the day. It's gone from actual project work to a form of escapism, then after bouncing between a few pages for a while there's usually something laid out clearly enough that I can daydream about the other parts. I have so many projects on the back burner just waiting for an extended motivation push.
Hello and welcome to this beautiful new week, full of chances and possibilities! How do you all feel on this Monday?
Trapped my hand in the door on Saturday and today I decided I wanted full range of motion more than I wanted to avoid pain. So for the entire day I've just been flexing my hand every which way to give everything a good stretch. Might be a terrible idea in the scheme of things but I can already pick up stuff and press enter with my pinky again (I thought i broke the pinky knuckle), so I'm calling this one a win
Well, eventually (I hope) it will be like that. Some (if not all) societal changes take time to become assimilated. Novelty has first to wear out in order that the 'new normal' becomes just another very normal, nothing out of the ordinary 'normal'.
Yeah I agree, It's just sad to see friends being supportive but then also being hurtful when its not their friend, or feeling entitled to know everything that's going on in my head like they're a therapist or something. I don't even understand why I feel the way i feel. Putting it into words and then having someone challenge it feels dehumanising if I'm honest. Seeing them hurt people that aren't me feels just as bad as if it was. I don't want mates rates acceptance, ya know?
I tried to like cherrytree, but there was always something off with it. The hierarchical stuff is nice until it isn't, because it isn't flexible enough. Or maybe I'm not their target user.
Yeah it does have a certain clunk to it, although I do have a softspot for this hierarchical thing as my adhd can get quite bad and I've found that spreading things out into a bunch of 'logical' or 'topical' nodes works best for me since I'm always losing my bearings/focus abruptly.
Favorite text editor?
Cherry tree. I love to structure my notes a bit weirdly and a hierarchical note app has been the best fit for me so far. Been good for planning programming projects, worldbuilding creative writing things, and I even started using it as a journal when the mood takes me. Nothing too special about cherry tree but I absolutely love it.