Just generally neutral person generally vibin. An optimistic cynic and plagued with cognitive dissonance.
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Isn't showering a form of bathing as well? And surely you do use soap, right?
It's bathing but not specifically a bath, having a soak in a tub and whatnot
What have you been up to today?
Just did a hefty clean of my room for an inspection that never happened. Can't say I'm mad because I really did need a wake-up call to sort it out haha.. You know its bad when you can distinctly see 'eras' of the depression clutter
some nice vibe tonight, was cruising in car on some secondary road, so I was accelerating as I exited some village and my music was ramping up with the car and then dropped some basses ! It really felt a nice moment ! (despite the car being a diesel one ) The track : songwhip.com/jkuch...
Cruising is so zen. I got an electric longboard this week and have been exploring my town at night. Seeing areas I usually have no reason to explore, feeling the wind buffeting my jacket.. I think I might have gotten addicted to it. Your post just reminded me that I haven't been using my mp3 player so now I'm off to make a cruising playlist for tonight!
I'd like to get into systems programming, but all the options seem so daunting to a JavaScript user such as myself. :(
Seconding Go, I've only used it casually for hobby projects but a friend of mine made a verified discord bot using it although recently it's been getting a rust rewrite. They've been trying to get me to learn rust with them but my smoothbrain just can't handle lifetimes and whatnot.
How's it going, everyone?
Pretty good vibes over here. I'm cooking some 2am garlic bread and because my housemates are all asleep I don't have to share! plus they don't even get to enjoy the garlic smell so win win
Doing things alone is hard. I am working on a Halloween mask and I am loosing my mojo too. Darn weather.
Yup, I keep seeing breaks in the weather forecast and it stings when you're revved up and ready to go, then it evaporates into just another overcast and rainy day. We'll get through it though and I'm sure all this turmoil will seep into your mask and make it spookier! haha
Sounds like science fiction but transparent wood might be a thing soon: usda.gov/media/blo...
I'm looking forward to seeing if NileRed is going to try and improve his run. It was actually wayyy better than I expected nearly 3 years ago (but still far away), so I can only imagine the procedures have been ironed out a lot more. youtube.com/watch?...
So I just tried to ask "How's everyone doing?" but it turns out I asked that 6 weeks ago as well. But anyway, how's everyone doing now? :D
Entropy is winning, send reinforcements.
Anyone use Espanso for text expansion/replacement? So far it is running really smoothly for me and I am loving it. espanso.org
This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I've been using a vista era program called "enso" by humanized. Not exactly the same as this but I've been religiously using it for text substitution custom commands. On the fly translations or even doing calculations of highlighted text. Espanso looks shiny and new so now I'm excited!
I love that movie too!
I'm always a bit hesitant to watch movies with 2 (or sometimes even 1) big names in it, and especially when they've made so many different imprpessions in many different characters. But Christian Bale really knows how to get into a role... I'm finding myself thinking the same of Daniel Radcliffe too after being floored by 'Escape From Pretoria' and his performance in that.
I had an amazing hike this afternoon. Reminder to self: get out of the damn house more often and live!
There's a youtube channel called "Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't" and it's so relaxing and interesting to watch. The dude running it knows his stuff and is a bit of a character, but hot damn does it get me excited for going outdoors and actually enjoying nature instead of enjoying just not being cooped up. He loves plants and wants you to love them too.
How you distinguish the two? The first could be a contariam. The second someone who believes in building bridges.
Just listen for when they show and tell you who they are. There's always going to be false positives for either camp. You never know someones history and they could act 'dishonest' to avoid being outcasted again, or like you said, they could be contrarian/have a rude idea of honesty (the i speak my mind type). Anecdotally, I dont think people flipflop between the two very often so when you see someone show their colours then you had better be paying attention.
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