I really wish it wasn't such a statement to question your gender. Leave me alone, I just wanna figure out what I like... I'm not trying to be anything in particular and insisting that I have to choose is just part of the problem. Yeah lots of things are accepted today, but that's really disingenuous to say when you know full well that people still find it weird or "alternative" to even just wonder about things.
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Just don't close the door either way... As you age you change. It would be silly to close the door and stop growing.. When you stop exploring and think you have it solved that's when you dig deeper and keep going because that means you will find more than you expected. Rely on your inward not the outward. That is where you can find answers. Meditation is superior to reading.
Well, eventually (I hope) it will be like that. Some (if not all) societal changes take time to become assimilated. Novelty has first to wear out in order that the 'new normal' becomes just another very normal, nothing out of the ordinary 'normal'.
Yeah I agree, It's just sad to see friends being supportive but then also being hurtful when its not their friend, or feeling entitled to know everything that's going on in my head like they're a therapist or something. I don't even understand why I feel the way i feel. Putting it into words and then having someone challenge it feels dehumanising if I'm honest. Seeing them hurt people that aren't me feels just as bad as if it was. I don't want mates rates acceptance, ya know?