Just generally neutral person generally vibin. An optimistic cynic and plagued with cognitive dissonance.
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Becoming older is interesting. I just realised that I haven't had a bath in nearly 10 years, just showers. Haven't had a cup of tea in 5 years either, mostly just water or juices. It's like I've quit things but instead of making a point to stop, you just kinda forget to do it for a decade
I just discovered after many years (around 20) of not having flan, how much I enjoy the thing. Now I'm having at least one every week.
Isn't showering a form of bathing as well? And surely you do use soap, right?
Just accidentally slept for 13-14 hours and now my brain feels like it has pins and needles.
I hit 12 hours last night. Maybe I'll only need 4 tonight?
I knew a guy who once slept for 20 hours straight.
Up at 1am on the day I was finally planning to go on a walk with my camera and do some photography again.. Feeling somewhat demotivated to keep trying as it's like I'm self-sabotaging. But hey, if you're not ready for something, then you're just not ready I suppose. Even if being 'ready' is just being in the mood.
Doing things alone is hard. I am working on a Halloween mask and I am loosing my mojo too. Darn weather.
There's probably a market for an app that detects what song you're singing and lines up the instrumental/backing vocals along with you. Autocorrect-oke would be pretty fun to vibe with when you get random songs stuck in your head throughout the day
Watched Ford v Ferrari again last night. I absolutely loved it even though it hasn't been too long since the first time!
Hand update; Everything is back to normal except lateral movement (picking mouse up with thumb and pinky etc) still kinda hurts, and something a bit worrying is that I'm no longer double jointed in that pinky... If I place both hands on the table and lift my pinkies, both pinkies get off the table but the injured knuckle doesn't articulate much at all. I wonder if that'll improve of if its locked in.
I know rss is dying, but does anyone know which news agencies and whatnot still support it? Don't suppose there's an 'awesome rss collection' floating around
alltop.com was an interesting site that gathered a bunch of them. It seems they are still updating this.
I keep catching myself saying thanks to my subconscious.. As a joke I started thanking it as though it was an entirely separate entity and idk, it just feels kinda wholesome to appreciate when you're about to leave but suddenly remember your keys/wallet, or when you manage to "guess" the password to an old account with 0 confidence. What started as a joke has evolved into me asking myself which drink to buy in the shops and I might be alright with this.
I was falling into a nap earlier and had a Mitch Hedberg moment. I thought of something cool for a story I'm writing which solved a few dead-ends and seemed neat, but I was also about to fall asleep so I was forced to convince myself that what I thought of was garbage. Oh the lengths we'll go to just to stay comfortable...
I'm really tempted to make a wierd language for my worldbuilding thing. I can't stop thinking about the idea of a language that is half spoken and half signlanguage. Talking to someone and giving them context or other only mildly relevant information with your hands while vocalizing the important parts... Time to figure out how to do conlangs I guess haha
Super into this. I had the idea of an "aural culture" pop into my head for a campaign I cam creating and that phrase stuck with me. What would it mean for a culture to be known for its listening skills?
You mean something like Italian? lol
I was musing on that very thing this weekend. What is the optimum synonyms to non-synonyms word ratio for a new language? Does the brain likes synonyms or find them to be a hassle? Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.
What a Wonderfull idea! Can't wait to see alpha
I really wish it wasn't such a statement to question your gender. Leave me alone, I just wanna figure out what I like... I'm not trying to be anything in particular and insisting that I have to choose is just part of the problem. Yeah lots of things are accepted today, but that's really disingenuous to say when you know full well that people still find it weird or "alternative" to even just wonder about things.
Well, eventually (I hope) it will be like that. Some (if not all) societal changes take time to become assimilated. Novelty has first to wear out in order that the 'new normal' becomes just another very normal, nothing out of the ordinary 'normal'.
Just don't close the door either way... As you age you change. It would be silly to close the door and stop growing.. When you stop exploring and think you have it solved that's when you dig deeper and keep going because that means you will find more than you expected. Rely on your inward not the outward. That is where you can find answers. Meditation is superior to reading.
I saw bees crawling inside flowers for the first time today. I took a shortcut somewhere and was suddenly struck my a orange-y smell, took a look around to try and find the reason for the smile and BOOM. There by the river was a bush of blackberries with a vein of this purplish bell-ish flower bouncing up and down. It turns out that the bouncing was because of HONEY BEES !
How wonderful! At times your description had an almost literary flair. Definitely an inspiring experience!
Nature is always fascinating to observe, this is something we tend to do less these times
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