🏛️ Brandon Pittman It doesn't matter how many times Medium tries to get me to sign up, it's never gonna happen.
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😒 Isoprep Medium, Quora, and lest we forget, Pinterest. I hate how much Medium tries to get me to sign in to read stories or to upgrade to read more than 5 articles a month. It gets tired when I have to ration my free articles for the month like it's Unobtanium, and we all know just how low-quality most Medium articles are. What I do is save Medium links to Pocket, which somehow doesn't count against my free 5 articles.
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👂 Sly If you're using Firefox, you can take advantage of the containers feature and open articles in new containers every time you reach the 5 articles limit.
3y, 43w 2 replies
🤙 Migz In my case it is Quora. I find it annoying that whenever I read an article in mobile, they force me to install their app :/
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🏛️ Brandon Pittman That's pretty gross. Can't remember the last time I wound up on Quora though.
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🐞 Lucian Marin Same here, I'm not gonna pay to read a blog post.
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Greensponge Besides, all you have to do if you really need to read something there is open a private browser to automatically reset the cookies that track your free five article views.
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🏛️ Brandon Pittman I'd pay to read someone I really liked, but the links going into pay-walled articles are hard to avoid.
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