Senthil Nayagan I want to learn one of these (Rust, Nim, Go) modern programming languages which are close/equivalent to C/C++ performance. I understand that Go got much better ecosystems, I mean, the libraries, but heard that Rust is better than Go in terms of better type safety and less chance of getting runtime exceptions. Nim also exists for a while and it is not known to many of us! Wondering which one to be best general purpose programming language - Go, Nim and Rust?
🧞 Bit i'd go with go, syntactically more straightforward and pretty widely used across domains. No wrong answer though
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Xyz go is not really close to C++ in terms of performance compared to Rust.; go is often around 3x-4x C++ speed, rust is on par with C++: Compare on benchmarksgame-tea...
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🧞 Bit Oh wow, didn't realize it was that significant. Thanks.
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