🧲 Arvin I have trouble talking to people for my side project. I build in a silo and I'm pretty good at the code stuff and I can be social with friends. But something about talking to customers makes my skin crawl and I don't want people to feel like I'm trying to take advantage of them or waste their time. Anyone have similar anxieties?
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🥝 Mr If you feel like you are taking advantage of them, you are doing something wrong. If your product has value, believe it and know that you deserve to be compensated for your time and hard work. You're not selling snake oil. That said - a silo generally doesn't result in a well rounded product. Maybe it's time you actually identify what your product should be doing.
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💻 Kenneth Jensen Learning how to interface (in meatspace, online/cellular/telephone is meh) with customers is one of the most useful skills I learned in my time as a service technician, especially since most of the work in the latter years has been residential. I still can't sell for diddly squat.
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🐵 Max Do you have similar issues when talking to shopkeepers or asking for a piece of information in the street?
🧲 Arvin Yea sometimes don't feel comfortable talking to shopkeepers or asking for advice. I have to push myself and I can act natural but it feels weird sometimes
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