Asko P. What do you guys think of this signup page design?
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Jonah George I really like the clean design . A minor nitpick: the UX of having first name above last name feels a little weird. I would expect First | Last <br> Email | Password
5y, 49w reply
Mark Dain Pricing seems a bit hidden, perhaps you could make it stand out more? You could spin it, by listing some services like "Support: Free", so it's clear they're getting more than just hosting. It also implies you may offer priority support for extra money ;)
5y, 49w 1 reply
Asko P. Well they don't even get to the sign up page without choosing a plan, so shouldn't they already know all that they're going to get? Or should I treat each user as a potential idiot? Maybe I should. Hmm.
5y, 49w reply
Martijn Do you really need two fields to ask for a name?
5y, 49w 10 replies
Asko P. Yes, in that I need to know what is the first and the last name.
5y, 49w 9 replies