Asko P. This hits very close to the bone (if that's a saying): I don't work from 9 to 5, I often work from 7 in the morning to ... well, 7 in the morning. I do take on projects enough to be able to pay off all my bills, but I never know if the money actually arrives by when I need (because projects often delay, have unexpected problems, etc). And yet, I still find time to work on my own companies as well as open source work. Not only that, but find enough time to spend time with my girlfriend as well. It's fucking hard.
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Mark Dain Damn that sounds like you're going to end up being burnt out :( Are you able to take time off now and then?
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Asko P. Every 3 months or so I manage to succeed in freelance work enough to be able to take a week or so off, so that keeps me sane (and the undying motivation to get my companies generating revenue, one of which is WebSpot, but I'm also working on a e-store that sells top of the class battery banks). This has to be the year I can quit freelancing. Has to be.
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