Mark Dain I'm a bit disappointed Linode doesn't support OpenBSD, I wanted to give it a try
Anth Linode, or OpenBSD? There are hosting providers that support BSD (I was just looking last week). Linode... well, it's kinda in the name. ;-)
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Mark Dain What are you implying? I'm very happy with Linode so I won't switch just to play with OpenBSD. It's a shame as they don't seem to be interested in supporting it. I hear a lot of good things being said about OpenBSD, it seems to be more secure than Linux (e.g. LibreSSL)
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Martijn I think meant to say that the LIN in Linode stands for Linux, thus no BSD support.
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Anth Also, no reason to "switch". If you want to play, you can get an additional account elsewhere.
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