Mark Dain Nearly got tricked into opening an attachment from spam. The email was from and to my address so it looked like I'd sent myself a file. No body and a single attachment (20131030164403.xls). I nearly opened it then realized if I had really sent myself a file it would be PGP encrypted. Close call. Spammers are getting cleaver, I reckon a lot of people would have fallen for that one! It failed SPF but FastMail didn't mark it as spam (wasn't enough reasons to I suppose).
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😀 Tom Ouch, glad you caught it. While I was traveling a few days ago, I finally got a call from "Geek Support". I hung up the first time, but the next day they called and I cursed them out (and haven't gotten a call since). I need to get a VM ready in case someone calls me with the scam again.
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