Mark Dain Ok I give up. I'm buying a controller. I thought I could play with a keyboard but I just don't think the keyboard "gets me" the same way a controller does. I just can't move the character the same way, it's not as fast. Controllers feel like an extension of my mind but with a keyboard I'm constantly wrestling with an uncomfortable claw hand over WASD, trying to not hit Alt/Tab/Windows/T/Esc as it'll cause the game to act weird.
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Martijn Same here, but I haven't found a controller that guarantees Mac compatibility.
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🐞 Lucian Marin DualShock 3 is fully Mac compatible.
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Mark Dain You can actually use the Xbox 360 controller on Mac, I did it a few years back when I used to play Dolphin (GameCube emulator) on my Mac Mini. Although it was wired, not sure if it would work with the wireless receiver.
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