Martijn I am not yet on the Apple Music bandwagon. Should I be?
Mark Dain I really like it so far. It's getting better at recommending music and it's so nice to listen to new music all the time. I don't think I've stopped listening to music since I signed up. It's almost addictive actually!
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Martijn I am more interested in music availability and quality, as well as usability of the service in general, than recommendations. I almost never listen to music that is recommended to me unless the recommendations come from good friends.
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Mark Dain Availability is good; whatever is on the iTunes store you can listen to. Quality -- If you're talking abou the file, the quality is iTunes, which has always been great IMO. Usability? It's Apple; it's very usable. As for reccomendations, it's now at the point where a good friend (with a good taste in music) is reccomending music to me. It recently pulled an album I used to listen to as a kid. Got a lot of nostalgia as well as rediscovering a great artist. Also it works across many genres; it won't get messed up if you listen to country, then heavy metal.
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