Mark Dain So I casually tossed my iPhone at my bed, like I always do, but apparently with enough force to send it across the room to bounce off the wall. Now the screen is cracked. Badly. Lesson learned -- be more careful with glass
Asko I treat my iPhone like a newborn baby. I put it down so delicately you can't even hear the sound of it touching the table or whatever. It's expensive enough to deserve such treatment. If I had an android however ...
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Mark Dain Oh I used to do that but after having iPhones for so long I've gotten reckless with them. I'm actually a bit screwed because I can't unlock my phone. The touchscreen doesn't work on the top half so I can't enter my PIN. This means I can't open Authy... So yeah, I'm locked out of about 5 services until my phone is repaired
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Asko And that's why I'm not that paranoid about security, because things like that happen.
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