Mark Dain After daily harassment about my 8 notifications, I finally sign into Facebook and it turns out there are no new notifications. So sick of having a Facebook account.
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Adam Douglas I have never really used Facebook. I have an account in case I need to contact somebody in an emergency and all other options have been exhausted, but all notifications are kept switched off and I don't stay logged in--and I sure as hell don't bother using the app. Notifications are bloody awful and I only allow a couple of things to notify me of anything--work email and phone calls/SMS messages. Everything else can wait for me to check it at my convenience when I remember to do so.
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Mark Dain That's how I use Facebook but they won't send me messages unless all the notifications are turned on. If I lock them down I miss messages.
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🦿 Lucian Marin I'm waiting for the day when people will complain about Sublevel on some other social platform. :-]
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Mark Dain People won't complain about Sublevel, the code isn't buggy!
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