Mark Dain Seems the new design removed the Digital Ocean advert that was at the bottom for a while, along with the activity page with the progress bars (like your ratio of follows to followers). So far the design still feels kinda weird, not sure what to think of it yet.
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🦿 Lucian Marin I'm thinking about bringing back those activity indicators. Maybe even make them public. I'm not sure how people would react. Are "karma" levels a good idea or a bad one in online communities?
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Adam Douglas Depends. There is a correlation between large-scale, persistently-busy communities and some sort of karma or reputation system. A bone to dangle in front of the dogs, so to speak. On the other hand, such systems elicit some truly crappy behaviour from a community's members. Also, this place takes Twitter, removes the bullshit, improves what's left and returns it as Sublevel. But Twitter does not really have a karma or rep system and I don't think Twitter really suffers for it.
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Martijn The problem with having levels is that people might 'gamify' it. Karma brings the inherit concept of bad-karma with it as well, i.e. some actions boost karma and others take it away. I don't think it adds anything to a community. On the other hand if you can indicate real activity that could be cool. These activities are things like 'replying a lot', 'writing a lot', 'always reading' (for people who are logged in a lot but don't post), 'gone for a while' (for people who haven't logged for a while), etc...
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