Mark Dain -- This is everything wrong with web development in a nutshell; a 3 line static page has **26** JavaScript files, 14 Images, 3 CSS and a lot of other junk too like XHR calls... Words can't even describe the bloat.
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Anth It's like a game, but I don't know if it's scored like golf or bowling. My 1-line homepage has 0 javascript files, 0 images, 0 CSS, and no xhr, and I'm pretty sure the source fits in a post here. It also has zero information, but whatever. :-)
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Mark Dain It's a shame there's so few people doing this nowadays. Although no CSS? Wouldn't your site look a bit too bare?
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Mark Dain Haha subtle, I like it. It reminds me of motherfuckingwebsi...
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Mark Myerson Not even sure how you do that without ripping a hole in space or something...
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Mark Dain The culprit seems to be they built that static page in Wix. I mean, even Dreamweaver would have been better, at-least it would display said static text when JavaScript is disabled/not working
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Eric News sites tend to be the worst offenders, text and images content but the sites weigh a huge amount. Newspaper websites more so than broadcasters I find, not much difference though.
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