Mark Dain Reddit and Hacker News are full of Microsoft news, maybe I'm bitter but I can't see all this "open source everything!" movement as anything more than a desperate attempt to claw back developers who are moving to OS X and Linux. I don't get why they're doing any of this
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🦿 Lucian Marin The core of Microsoft is software. The software is moving away from them. It's not even about software and software developers anymore. It's all about apps and app developers. All these app developers are using open source tools to build apps. Where's Microsoft in this new equation? Nowhere to be seen. What do they have to do? Play along or make drastic changes. Why not do both!?
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Martijn My part of the blogosphere is far from blowing up over this, judging from my RSS reader. That said, I will support any company that decides to go open-source for a myriad of reasons, whether it is Microsoft or someone else. I saw somewhere they will be releasing development tools under MIT? That's a truly free licence, and will allow for many other projects to start borrowing code from it!
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Mark Dain What sort of blogs do you read? I'm getting sick of everyone online saying how Microsoft has changed. I just don't want to read about any of this anymore
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