Mark Dain Just had a kernel panic. Getting sick of this, Apple.
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Dongsung Kim Have you tried to repair disk permissions? Though frequent kernel panic might suggest hardware issues.
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Mark Dain I'm considering reinstalling this weekend, but hardware diagnostics is a good idea, I'll run a few now. Most people seem to think it's a hardware issue but I have a strong suspicion it's software, specifically 10.10.3, it's when all the issues started
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Martijn I'm still going strong on Yosemite... really don't know what's up over there. What model MacBook Air are you using? Anything that might be wrong with the model specifically?
8y, 51w 2 replies
😀 Tom I use Windows as my main OS, I rarely use Macs. I've had the Mac OS crash on me more times than I've gotten BSODs.
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Mark Dain I'm going to reinstall over the weekend which will put me back on 10.10.0. I think I'll just stay on that version until I've figured out what I want to do. I'm considering switching to Linux, although I don't know how well it runs on MacBook Airs. I have a large number of requirements that make it somewhat non trivial. Ideally I'd just move back to Mavericks but I doubt that's possible.
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