Mark Dain Why is it so hard to figure out who you want to be?
🏒 Lucian Marin Because you're focusing on your wants which are limitless. Chasing unlimited desires causes pain. Instead focus on your needs. They are very few. I never wanted to create a social network, but I needed a communication channel with the entire world. That's how Sublevel came to be. This is just one example, but I use this method for other personal stuff. It helps getting rid of things that later I won't want or desire.
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Mark Dain This might sound stupid but how do I tell what my needs are?
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😀 Tom A) What do you like to do now? Why do you do those things? B) What do you wish you could do right now? Why do you want to do those things? C) On your answers to the "why" questions, distill it down another level. If the reasons still vary greatly, distill it down another level. Keep figuring out "why" until you have a root desire, then build back up on that. - There's always a root reason for everything, not a cause-and-effect relationship, but a fundamental reason specific to you.
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Mark Dain A friend helped me down the rabbit hole of "why" and I ended up with a goal I've had for almost all my life; I want to move to the USA. Almost everything I do has that in mind. I just feel it's not what's driving me because when I do move there, then what? It's just the thing that's defined me for the longest I can remember.
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