Mark Dain Sometimes I think it would be nice to work in a cubicle / my own office. I'd have a lot more privacy.
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Eric What set up do you have right now? My work we have dividers between the desks, roughly a foot high on sides with neighbors. It's pretty cosy.
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Mark Dain The company is small (11 people in total in my building) so everyone works in a single room with 4 people around 1 desk. There's no dividers or anything. This kind of environment means half the people there wear noise cancelling headphones (myself included) while the other half try to find out who can shout the loudest. It also has the effect of people replying to my emails or JIRA issues verbally, I want you to document it so type the reply! If I were in a cubicle people would have to use JIRA.
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🍫 Lucian Marin When people worked in cubicles they wanted open-office environments. See all the movies made in 80s and 90s. Now everyone wants privacy and cubicles. People don't know what they want.
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