Mark Dain So I come back from work and my bike (I cycle to the station) has had it's lock tampered with, the brakes stolen (wtf?) and the seat unscrewed. Should I even get it fixed or is it time to just buy a car?
😀 Tom "If I can't steal it from you, at least you still can't use it" mentality maybe? If riding your bike works for you, I would stick with it. Besides all the pros and cons of owning a car, it will still be cheaper to fix the bike than pay for gas/insurance/parking?/maintenance/etc.
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Mark Dain Why do I have to share a planet with people like that? To have it be safe to ride I'd need to get new brakes and screw the seat down. Honestly I'd rather have someone look at it in case there's anything else wrong. I guess I'll walk to the train station tomorrow.
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