Mark Dain So what companies can I trust? I've effectively put Lenovo on the blacklist now. Shame as I was thinking of getting a ThinkPad.
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😀 Tom Why not just do a clean wipe using Microsoft's installer? It's a good way to revisit the software that you use and how it's set up to make sure it's still the best combination for you. Do you think Lenovo is compromising their computers at the hardware level?
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Mark Dain If they're ok preinstalling malware then I doubt they'll have any issues tampering with the hardware. Either way I can't buy anything from Lenovo anymore out of principle; I simply don't trust them now.
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Martijn Apple seems to really try and be trustworthy, so there is them. Otherwise I guess you are stuck with completely open things? There aren't that many open motherboards or boot systems though...
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Mark Dain This whole fiasco makes me regret not backing the Novena laptop. It's as close as we can get until 3D printing can make CPUs and we can print trustworthy hardware.
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