Mark Dain I'm working on a cloud platform but all the names I think of are taken. I liked Raindrop but the primary domain ( is taken. Any ideas for alternate names?
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😀 Tom Why not "Ancarda"? The dot com is available, it's easy to pronounce, only three syllables, not too difficult to spell (you might have a slight problem with word by mouth), it's unique, and it doesn't sound like another generic company that just uses common English words for its name.
Mark Dain That's actually not a bad idea. I already own "" (Not a lot there right now, sorry). I just grabbed com and io though.
Martijn YourNameHereCloud.[io|com]. No, I got nothing, sorry.
9y, 2w reply
Eric Skyhook would be cool but I think Sky have a history of being overzealous with trademarks, so avoid anything Sky. "Cloud Hop" is all I can muster.
Martijn Also, Microsoft's SkyDrive was renamed OneDrive after BSkyB sued them (and the High Court rules again Microsoft).
Adam Douglas
9y, 2w reply
🍫 Lucian Marin You can use to look for words that start with "rain" or ends with "drop". Some of them are pretty cool for a cloud platform.
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Mark Dain Thanks, it doesn't have to be that combination though, anything with a personal cloud feel but not something cheesy like "MyCloud". I hate names like that.
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