Mark Dain When Subpush has been running for about a day or longer, it'll consistently get "Connection Reset By Peer" from Pushover. Starting to annoy me. Any ideas why this happens? I need to start detecting this and retrying later but the only thing that seems to work is restarting the daemon.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I think it will be better to convert JSON to RSS then use IFTTT. I hope someone will have time to create a Sublevel client based on and specs.
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Mark Dain I'd rather figure out what's causing this bug. I'm planning on using Pushover for a lot of other projects (it's really cool, when it works). The API wrapper I'm building in Go will probably never become a client (No UIs I believe) but will probably be used to power a few websites, including some I make if I can fix the bugs.
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